Capital Unviersity Women's Soccer Honor Roll



Records prior to 2005 are incomplete.



NCAA Division III Tournament Appearances

1999 (1st round)

2006 (1st round)

2007 (1st round)

2011 (2nd round)

2013 (national semifinals)

2014 (2nd round)

2015 (2nd round)


Ohio Athletic Conference Regular Season Championships







Ohio Athletic Conference Tournament Championships










United Soccer Coaches Team Academic Award













CoSIDA/ESPN the Magazine Academic All-Americans

Amy Lee - 2002 (2nd)


CoSIDA/ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District

Hilary Ells – 2011 (2nd)

Molly Sheils – 2009 (2nd)


NSCAA All-Americans

Mariah Richards - 2015 (3rd)

Maggie Donnellan - 2013 (1st)

Hilary Ells - 2013 (3rd)

Molly Sheils - 2009 (3rd)

Leslie Stechshulte - 1994 (2nd)


NSCAA/United Soccer Coaches All-Great Lakes Region

     2019   2018
    Allyssa Kimbler (1st)   Allyssa Kimbler (1st)
    Jordan Fike (1st)    Maggie Peddicord (2nd)
    Maggie Peddicord (1st)     
2016   2015   2014

Claire Quinn - 2016 (3rd)

  Maura Fortino (1st)   Becca Cartmill (2nd)
    Mariah Richards (1st)   Maura Fortino (2nd)
    Becca Cartmill (2nd)    
2013   2012   2011
Maggie Donnellan (1st)   Maggie Donnellan (2nd)   Tara Zimmer (2nd)
Hilary Ells  (1st)       Kaylee Phillips (3rd)
Becca Cartmill (3rd)        
2010   2009   2008
Tara Zimmer (3rd)   Molly Sheils (1st)   Katie Robinson (2nd)
    Katie Robinson (1st)   Molly Sheils (2nd)
2007     2006     1999
Rebecca Gardlik (2nd)   Courtney Allan (1st)  

Katie Sutliff – 1999 (1st)

Katie Robinson (3rd)       Joey Hayes – 1999 (1st)
        Leslie Starbuck – 1999 (1st)



NSCAA/Adidas College Division Scholar All-Americans

Mariah Richards - 2015 (1st)

Maura Fortino - 2015 (2nd)

Maggie Donnellan - 2013 (1st)

Molly Sheils – 2009 (2nd)


NSCAA/Adidas All-East Region Scholars

Maura Fortino - 2014 (3rd)

Kim Leitch - 2014 (HM)

Mariah Richards - 2014 (HM)

Maggie Donnellan - 2013 (1st)

Michelle Geiger - 2013 (HM)

Corey McClellan - 2013 (HM)

Molly Sheils – 2008 (3rd) All-Great Lakes Region

Katie Robinson – 2007 (3rd)

Kara Martin – 2006 (3rd)

Molly Sheils – 2006 (3rd)


United Soccer Coaches Scholar All-Region 

Chloe Brown - 2017 (3rd)



OCSA Division III All-Ohio
        Allyssa Kimbler (1st)
        Maggie Peddicord (2nd)
2017   2016   2015
Mary Bushee (2nd)    Claire Quinn (1st)   Becca Cartmill (1st)
Chloe Brown (2nd)    Becca Cartmill (2nd)   Maura Fortino (1st)
Alyssa Kimbler (3rd)    Monique Hanayik (2nd)   Claire Quinn (3rd)
        Mariah Richards (1st)
2014   2013   2012
Becca Cartmill (1st)   Maggie Donnellan (1st)   Maggie Donnellan (1st)
Maura Fortino (1st)   Hilary Ells (1st)   Natalie Fiorelli (3rd)
Claire Quinn (3rd)   Becca Cartmill (2nd)    
Amanda Kachaylo (3rd)   Corey McClellan (3rd)    

Mary Bushee (3rd)

2011   2010   2009
Kaylee Phillips (2nd)   Natalie Fiorelli (2nd)   Danielle Irwin (2nd)
Tara Zimmer (2nd)   Ciara McClellan (2nd)   Molly Sheils (1st)
Natalie Fiorelli (3rd)   Maggie Donnellan (3rd)   Katie Robinson (1st)
    Tara Zimmer (2nd)    
2008     2007     2006
Molly Sheils (2nd)   Rebecca Gardlik (1st)  

Courtney Allan (1st)

Katie Robinson (1st)   Katie Robinson (2nd)   Natasha Ballard (3rd)
        Kara Martin (3rd
        Molly Sheils (3rd)


OCSA Division III Academic All-Ohio

    2018   2016
    Allyssa Kimbler (1st)   Becca Cartmill (1st)
    Maggie Peddicord (1st)   Mary Bushee (2nd)
    Jordan Fike (1st)    Caroline Hester (2nd)
        Kaitlyn Semelsberger (3rd)
        Chloe Brown (3rd)
2015   2014   2013
Mariah Richards (1st)   Mariah Richards (2nd)   Mariah Richards (2nd)
Maura Fortino  (1st)   Kim Leitch (3rd)   Corey McClellan (2nd)
Becca Cartmill (1st)   Maura Fortino  (1st)   Maggie Donnellan (1st)
    Becca Cartmill (1st)    
2012     2011     2007
Maggie Donnellan (1st)   Natalie Fiorelli (2nd)   Rebecca Gardlik (1st)
    Hilary Ells (2nd)   Molly Sheils (1st)


OCSA Division III Coach of the Year

Matt Ogden - 2016

Chris Kouns - 2013



OAC Offensive Player of the Year     OAC Defensive Player of the Year     OAC Goalkeeper of the Year
Joey Hayes - 1998, 1999   Mariah Richards - 2015   Maggie Donnellan - 2011, 2012, 2013
    Amy Lee - 2002   Courtney Allen - 2004, 2006
    Katie Sutliff - 1998, 1999    

OAC Midfielder of the Year


OAC Forward of the Year


OAC Coach of the Year

Tara Zimmer - 2011   Hilary Ells - 2013   Matt Ogden - 2015
Molly Sheils - 2009   Kaylee Phillips - 2011   Chris Kouns - 2013
    Katie Robinson- 2008   Dwight Burgess - 2006
        Brian Arnold - 1993, 1997, 1999

OAC Clyde Lamb Award Winners

  OAC Co-Freshman of the Year     
Maggie Donnellan - 2013   Avery Hart - 2019     
Molly Sheils - 2009        
Courtney Allen - 2006        
Amy Lee - 2002        
Joey Hayes- 1999        


     2019    2018
    Allyssa Kimbler (1st)    Jordan Fike (1st)
    Jordan Fike (1st)     Allyssa Kimbler (1st)
    Maggie Peddicord (2nd)     Maggie Peddicord (1st)
    Gabbi Viggiano (2nd)     Kelly Bachmann (HM)
    Avery Hart (2nd)     Bridget Mallin (HM)
    Kelly Bachmann (HM)     
 2017    2016    2015
 Allyssa Kimbler (1st)    Becca Cartmill (1st)    Maura Fortino (1st)
Chloe Brown (1st)     Monique Hanayik (1st)    Mariah Richards (1st)
Mary Bushee (2nd)     Claire Quinn (1st)    Becca Cartmill (1st)
Jordan Fike (2nd)     Mary Bushee (HM)    Claire Quinn (2nd)
Carlee Murry (2nd)     Maggie Peddicord (HM)    Kim Leitch (2nd)
Maggie Peddicord (HM)     Caroline Hester (HM)    Mary Bushee (2nd)
Kelly Bachmann (HM)     Chloe Brown (HM)    Monique Hanayik (2nd)
         Chloe Brown (HM)
 2014    2013    2012
 Becca Cartmill (1st)    Maggie Donnellan (1st)    Maggie Donnellan (1st)
 Maura Fortino (1st)    Hilary Ells (1st)    Natalie Fiorelli (2nd)
 Mariah Richards (2nd)    Becca Cartmill (1st)    Rachael Wintering (HM)
 Claire Quinn (HM)    Mariah Richards (2nd)    Mariah Richards (2nd)
 Shelby Johnson (HM)    Corey McClellan (2nd)    Corey McClellan (HM)
 Kim Leitch (HM)    Claire Quinn (HM)    
 2011    2010    2009
 Tara Zimmer (1st)    Ciara McClellan (1st)    Molly Sheils (1st)
 Kaylee Phillips (1st)    Danielle Irwin (HM)    Katie Robinson (1st)
 Maggie Donnellan (1st)    Tara Zimmer (HM)    Sarah Hagan (HM)
 Hilary Ells (2nd)    Maggie Donnellan (HM)    Danielle Irwin (HM)
     Samantha Shaffer (2nd)    
     Natalie Fiorelli (2nd)    
 2008    2007    2006
 Molly Sheils (1st)    Rebecca Gardlik (1st)    Kara Martin (1st)
 Katie Robinson (1st)    Molly Sheils (1st)    Samantha Klopfer (2nd)
 Julie Horton (HM)    Katie Robinson (1st)    Abby Skoda (HM)
 Ciara McClellan (HM)    Paige Prescott (HM)    Natasha Ballard (2nd)
     Linley Vermillion (2nd)    
     Natasha Ballard (2nd)    
     Julie Horton (HM)    
 2005    2004    2003
 Katie Witham (1st)    Emily Dineen (1st)    Emily Dineen (1st)
 Kara Martin (1st)    Courtney Allen (1st)    Courtney Allen (2nd)
 Courtney Allen (HM)    Kara Martin (2nd)    Samantha Klopfer (2nd)
 Samantha Klopfer (2nd)    Samantha Klopfer (2nd)    
2002   2001   2000
Amy Lee (1st)   Amy Lee (1st)   Leslie Starbuck (1st)
Brittany Thornton (HM)   Krissi Hall (2nd)   Tarah Ross (1st)
Courtney Bastian (HM)   Rachel Podvin (HM)   Krissi Hall (2nd)
Tarah Ross (HM)   Tarah Ross (HM)    
1999   1998   1997
Katie Sutliff (1st)   Katie Sutliff (1st)   Allie Kelley (1st)
Jen Snyder (1st)   Jen Snyder (1st)   Katie Sutliff (1st)
Jodi Praete (1st)   Joey Hayes (1st)   Jen Snyder (1st)
Joey Hayes (1st)   Leslie Starbuck (1st)   Joey Hayes (1st)
Leslie Starbuck (1st)   Krissi Hall (2nd)   Leslie Starbuck (1st)
Becky Scheible (HM)        
1996   1995   1994
Cherie Isler (1st)   Cherie Isler (1st)   Leslie Stechshulte (1st)
1993     1992     1991
Leslie Stechshulte (1st)   Leslie Stechshulte (1st)   Leslie Stechshulte (1st)
Josie Sanfilippo (1st)        
Michelle Reed (1st)        


Academic All-OAC

* Prior to 2012, to qualify a student-athlete must have maintained a 3.25 GPA, be a sophomore academically and in at least her second year of participation. She must also have been a starter or key reserve who has made a significant athletic impact. The recipients are voted on by the faculty athletic representatives.

* Beginning in the 2013 school year, award winners must have been a sophomore or higher in class standing, maintained varsity status and have a cumulative grade-point-average of at least 3.50.

    2019   2018
    Holly Barlage    Kelly Bachmann
    Casey King    Jordan Fike
    Sydney Dion    Hannah Klotzsche
    Brooke Shutler    Allyssa Kimbler
    Bridget Mallin    Maggie Peddicord
    Maggie Peddicord    Jayde Hoffman
    Allyssa Kimbler    Sydney Dion
    Jayde Hoffman    Bridget Mallin
    Jordan Fike      
    Kelly Bachmann    
 2017   2016   2015
Hannah Ervin   Jordan Lyle   Mariah Richards
Chloe Brown    Becca Cartmill   Maura Fortino
Caroline Hester    Jenna Zuberi    Morgan Austin
Amanda Kachaylo    Melissa Spurbeck   Jordan Lyle
Jordan Fike    Mary Bushee   Becca Cartmill
Hannah Klotzsche    Amanda Kachaylo   Jackie Kelly
Kaitlyn Semelsberger    Kaitlyn Semelsberger   Emily Krause
Maggie Peddicord   Caroline Hester   Melissa Spurbeck
Ashley Zapparato    Chloe Brown   Kim Leitch
    Hannah Klotzsche   Mary Bushee
        Amanda Kachaylo
        Kaitlyn Semelsberger
        Caroline Hester
2014   2013   2012
Ashleigh Schmittle   Madison Palmer   Sam Wentz
Maura Fortino   Katie Freshour   Madison Palmer
Morgan Austin   Ashleigh Schmittle   Kelsey Kaiser
Alexis Brand   Lauren Roy   Melanie Graeff
Jordan Lyle   Mariah Richards   Katie Freshour
Becca Cartmill   Corey McClellan   Natalie Fiorelli
Jenna Zuberi    Katie Janz    
Taylor Atkins   Livvy Hein    
Jackie Kelly   Michelle Geiger    
    Maura Fortino    
    Maggie Donnellan    
    Morgan Austin    
2011   2010   2009
Natalie Fiorelli   Natalie Fiorelli (HM)   Molly Sheils
        Sarah Hagen
2008   2007   2006
Molly Sheils   Julie Horton   Kara Martin
    Rebecca Gardlik    
    Molly Sheils    
2005   2004   2003
Katie Witham   Rebekah Altdoerffer   Jenny Brecht
2002   2001   2000
Amy Lee   none   Shannon Ghizzoni
1999   1998   1997
Jen Snyder (HM)   Joey Hayes   Emily Clarke
Beth Klein (HM)        
Amy Harbage        
Shannon Ghizzoni        
1996   1995   1994
Cherie Isler   Lisa Wood   Jill Warnecke
    Elizabeth Fording   Lisa Wood
    Cherie Isler   Elizabeth Fording
        Lisa Clawson
        Cherie Isler
1993     1992     1991
Leslie Stechshulte   Kim Knauff   Kimberly Edwards
Jill Warnecke   Leslie Stechshulte    


OAC All-Tournament Team (started in 2017)
   2018 2017
   Maggie Peddicord Jordan Fike
   Allyssa Kimbler   Chloe Brown
    Allyssa Kimbler


OAC Player of the Week (since 2014)


Hilary Counts | Oct. 21


Kelly Bachmann  |  Oct. 29


Chloe Brown  |  Oct. 12


Mary Bushee  |  Nov. 3

Kim Leitch  |  Oct. 13

Becca Cartmill  |  Sept. 9