Capital Coaches Corner: Getting to Know David Parrott

Capital Coaches Corner: Getting to Know David Parrott

With Capital University Football head coach Chad Rogosheske in place and settling into a groove, the man in charge made his first priority with the Purple and White to fill out the coaching ranks. In search of good football minds and even better people to surround himself with, Rogosheske has made great headway in placing the first pieces of a large puzzle together.

In helping the Capital Football fanbase get to know the group of men chosen to lead the football program, Capital Athletics will slowly reveal more about the assistant coaches that will patrol the sidelines along with Coach Rogosheske.

DAVID PARROTT  | Co-Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backs

David Parrott '11 returns back to his alma mater to take on defensive duties and specialize in coaching up the Crusaders defensive backs.

Following his graduation and an internship with Capital in 2011, Parrott stayed in the Ohio Athletic Conference, accepting a graduate assistant position with Heidelberg University. With Heidelberg, Parrott coached corner backs and had recruiting responsibilites for the state of Michigan.

In 2013, Parrott landed his first full-time coaching job in a NCAA Division I setting, taking a position at Davidson College (N.C.). With Davidson, he began coaching wide receivers before switching to defensive backs, while maintaining recruiting coordinator responsibilities.

It was Parrott's energetic personality and strong work ethic that not only drew Rogosheske to the 28-year-old, but his familiarity with how Capital functions and his connection to the University that made the decision an easy-to-make call.

Said Rogosheske, "He [Parrott] has the ability to connect with the players he is coaching and hold them to a high standard. He also has a good football IQ and is well-versed in the techniques and skills used in the defensive backfield."

Rogosheske continued, "He [Parrott] has also had some excellent football coaching experience working both at the Division III and Division I FCS levels, and recruiting to quality academic institutions at both levels."

But there is so much more to the man that will be helping to improve Capital's defense and pass coverage units. What other reasons would one bring him on to coach? Check out for yourself in our Q&A with Coach Parrott.

What is your favorite color?


If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Favorite beverage?


Dream car?

Range Rover

Favorite football team (pro or collegiate)?

Cleveland Browns

Favorite sport, outside of football?


Favorite sports moment?

A moment that will stick with me for a while is the final game of last season (2015). I was coaching at Davidson College and we were playing Stetson University from Deland, Florida. We had a great group of seniors whose careers did not go as anyone would have wished. We went into halftime with a lead and did not return to the field until four hours later due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. The second half was a battle but resulted in a win for Davidson and sent those seniors out with a memorable conference win. The game that started at 1 p.m. ended seven-and-a-half hours later. Watching the joy of all involved celebrate after the win was a memorable moment.

Favorite aspect of coaching football?

Building relationships and watching young people develop both on and off the field.

Favorite season/holiday?

Summer & Christmas

Coach you look up to or idolize?

Growing up I always watched my father and idolized the way he coached, motivated and built relationships with his players. Much of my coaching style is derived from watching my father.

Why you chose to coach at Capital, or favorite part of coaching at Capital?

The opportunity to come back and coach at my alma mater and have a coordinating role was an opportunity I could not pass up. Capital is a place with great people, tradition and is located in a top-tier city.

Give us 1 item on your bucket list you want to achieve.

Coach in a National Championship or Super Bowl


Coach Parrott is also pretty active on the Twitter Machine, which you can find him at @Coach_Parrott