Capital Lacrosse Taking Family to a Whole New Level

Kathryn and Brent Walton (left), and Ryan and Brianna Rampi (right) both chose that the Cap Fam is right for their fam.
Kathryn and Brent Walton (left), and Ryan and Brianna Rampi (right) both chose that the Cap Fam is right for their fam.

By: Chad Smith, Sports Information Graduate Assistant

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Some say that there is nothing stronger than a bond between brothers and sisters. While many sports teams are considered a family, the Waltons and the Rampis have brought their family into the Capital University Lacrosse family and have contributed to the programs' success.

Photo gallery - see little Rampis and Waltons bring their fam to the CapFam! 

Members of the men and women's lacrosse teams have taken CapFam literally as there are two sets of siblings on the teams, the Waltons and the Rampis. Brent Walton and Ryan Rampi are the older brothers of Kathryn Walton and Brianna Rampi. Brent is a senior and Ryan is a sophomore, while both Kathryn and Brianna are freshman. The Waltons are locals from Pickerington, Ohio. The Rampis are from nearby Hilliard, Ohio.

Both older brothers had a part in their younger sisters attending Capital, even though Kathryn and Brianna both thought they would go to college a far from home. Kathryn was planning on going to Radford University, but later decided to come to Capital.

Kathryn shared, "There were so many advantages of him being close to home. Once he went to college, we got closer."

Brianna said, "Ryan and my parents, combined, are my biggest fans."

The bond that the two groups of siblings share goes deeper than just in their athletic endeavors.  They go to each other for life advice as well.

 "She's one of my best friends really. We still hang out a lot and still talk about a lot," said Ryan.

The feeling is mutual between Ryan and Brianna. "He's always my go to person," said Brianna. "He always gives the best advice and knows what to say and when to say it. He is super honest with everything he has to say."

The same can be said of the Waltons. Brent said, "Kat is definitely one of my best friends."

"Whenever I have problems, I know I can go to him and he'll either cheer me up or give me advice," said Kathyrn.

Off the field they share unique interests. The Waltons are big Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fans and go to Pittsburgh sporting events as a family. Their fandom for sports outside of the ones they play add just another layer to the bond that has been built between brother and sister.

The Rampis are big travelers, and Ryan and Brianna like to explore places together. This past winter break, they were surprised by their parents with a trip to New York City.

Brianna said about the bond she and Ryan share over music, "Ryan and I are just about exactly the same. We both really like alternative music. Our favorite artist is Jon Bellion."

Both older brothers got their sisters involved in lacrosse at a young age. Both sisters saw how their brothers enjoyed playing lacrosse and wanted to start playing it. They all started playing lacrosse in elementary school.

Ryan wears the number 44 here at Capital, but it was also his grandfather's racing number. Ryan was 22 in high school and Brianna wanted to wear 22 as well, but could not because the jersey was too big so she decided on the number two.  

Kathryn wore the number four first when she was in middle school, and it has continued to be displayed by a Walton family member on playing fields since their high school days. Brent started the trend at Cap by wearing the number four as a running back for the Crusaders football team, a number that isn't common for a running back and then carried that over to the lacrosse field. In 2016, he switched his lacrosse number to 99, a year prior to Kathryn's arrival to Cap.

Brent described the history of the number four: "Kat wore the number four first. It turned into our thing where one or both of us was always wearing it. I switched to 99 last year (2016) because I'm a big hockey fan and want a cool little hockey number my last years playing. I knew she was going to get four."

When Kathryn sustained a season-ending injury against John Carroll in just her sixth game early in the 2017 season, Brent sprang into action. He talked to men's lacrosse head coach, Dom Marzano, and freshman teammate Adam Rieger, who wore number four at the time, if it would be possible for him to switch his number to four to ensure a four stayed on the field. Permission granted.

Kathryn described the moment she found out about Brent switching to the number four, "We're sitting at dinner and it was really funny. My dad was like 'Brent you should change your number for her.'" Little did Mr. Walton and Kathryn know, but Brent had already begun the process of acquiring the number.

While both the men and women's lacrosse teams are fairly young, it is clear that the Waltons and Rampis will have played a key part in building the tradition of Capital lacrosse. Brent is currently the all-time career assist leader with 76 and is second with 112 career goals. In two seasons, Ryan has tallied 48 goal and 32 assists, which puts him in the top 10 in both. In just one season at Cap, Brianna scored nine goals and added two assists. In a season that was shortened due to injury, Kathryn managed to post 27 goals, which is in the top-10 in a single season, and assisted on two goals in six games.