Capital University Men's Tennis Honor Roll



*records prior to 2001 are incomplete


Ohio Athletic Conference Tournament Champions



OAC Player of the Year

Matt Rutherford 2001


OAC Coach of the Year

Scott Welsh 2001


CoSIDA Academic All-District

Casey Filas  2011 (2nd team) 


OAC Individual Champions

Bill Crossin 2001 (#3 doubles)
Todd Nesbit 2001 (#3 doubles)
Doug DiRosario  2000 (singles) 
  2000 (doubles)
  2001 (#2 singles)
  2001 (#1 doubles)
Matt Lazar 2000 (doubles)
Matt Rutherford 2000 (singles)
  2001 (#1 singles)
  2001 (#1 doubles)


Academic All-OAC

        Stefn Sandberg
        Jared Judson
        Beau Streety
2015   2014   2013
Kenny Duncan    Kenny Duncan    John Murray
Andrew Williams   Jared Judson   Doug Gugel-Bryant
Beau Streety       Kenny Duncan 
Jared Judson        
2012   2011   2010
Tommy Stein   Casey Filas (HM)   Casey Filas (HM)
John Murray        
2007     2005     2004
Jason Long (HM)   Zach Wolfe (HM)   Robert Caress (HM)
    Robert Caress (HM)    



2018   2017   2016
Graeme Green (1st)   Dale Booher (1st)   Luke Buchanan (2nd)
    CJ Martin (2nd)   Dale Booher (HM)
2015   2014   2013
Luke Buchanan (1st)   Dale Booher (2nd)   Luke Buchanan (2nd)  
Dale Booher (2nd)   Luke Buchanan (2nd)   Spencer Walter (HM)  
Kenny Duncan (HM)   Beau Streety (HM)    
2012   2011   2010
Kenny Duncan (2nd)   Casey Filas (2nd)   Max Hoff (2nd)
John Murray (HM)       Casey Filas (HM)
2009   2008   2007
Max Hoff (2nd)   Casey Filas (HM)   Max Hoff (2nd)
Casey Filas (HM)        
2005     2004     2003
Robert Caress (1st)   Robert Caress (1st)     Robert Caress (2nd)
Jeff Good (2nd)   Jeff Good (2nd)   Bill Crossin (2nd)
Robert Caress (1st)         
Nick Graham (HM)        
Bill Crossin (2nd)