Capital University Men's Basketball Honor Roll



1965 Dave Veenendaal  
1973 Mike Stumpf  
1975 Gene Caslin  
1988 Tim Mueller  
2008 Nate Stahl  
2009 Nate Stahl  
2013 Spencer Niekamp  
2019 Austin Schreck  
Academic All-Americans
1972 Michael Stumpf  
1973 Charles Gaskill  
1979 Keith Mendenhall  
2019 Caleb Cox  
2019 Austin Schreck  
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2019 Austin Schreck (1st)  
2019  Caleb Cox (1st)   
NABC All-Region/District
    Austin Schreck (1st)
2013 2012 2009
Spencer Niekamp (1st) Spencer Niekamp (2nd) Nate Stahl (1st)
2008 2007 2005
Nate Stahl (1st) Nate Stahl (2nd) Jake Beck (2nd)
2003 1996 1994
Geron Tate (2nd) Chad Coconis (2nd) Chad Coconis (2nd)
1991 1989 1988
Scott Baxter (2nd) Tom Lanier (1st) Tim Mueller (1st)
    Tom Lanier (2nd)
1986 1983 1981
Darrin Blackford (2nd) Joe Glassco (1st) Tom Dunson (1st)
  Eric Morrison (2nd)  
1979 1978 1975
Ricky Lee (3rd) Ricky Lee (3rd) Gene Caslin (1st)
1973 1972 1971
Michael Stumpf (1st) Michael Stumpf (2nd) Michael Stumpf (2nd)
   All-Great Lakes Region
  2019 2016
  Austin Schreck (1st) Mark Minch (3rd)
2013 2012 2010
Spencer Niekamp (1st) Spencer Niekamp (3rd) DJ Frazier (3rd)
2009 2008 2002
Nate Stahl (1st) Nate Stahl (2nd) Geron Tate (3rd)
  Steve Kyser (3rd)  



OAC Player of the Year
1973 Mike Stumpf  
1988 Tim Mueller  
2008 Nate Stahl  
2009 Nate Stahl  
2013 Spencer Niekamp  
2019 Austin Schreck   
OAC Defensive Player of the Year
2019 Austin Schreck  
   2019 2018
  Austin Schreck (1st) Austin Schreck (2nd)
  Joey Weingartner (2nd)   Joey Weingartner (HM)
  Caleb Cox (2nd)  
2017 2016 2015
Tyrel Jackson (2nd) Mark Minch (1st) Andrew Bolka (2nd)
Austin Schreck (HM) Michael Green (HM) AJ Dixon (HM)
2014 2013 2012
Andrew Bolka (2nd) Spencer Niekamp (1st) Spencer Niekamp (1st)
AJ Dixon (HM) Micheal Sommer (2nd) Kelly Winter (2nd)
  Tim Congrove (HM) Michael Sommer (HM)
  Mitch Westerheide (HM)  
2011 2010 2009
Scott Robertson (1st) DJ Frazier (1st) Nate Stahl (1st)
DJ Frazier (2nd) Ben McGrath (HM) Ryan Wood (1st)
Tyler Munro (HM)   Quinten Mitchell (HM)
2008 2007 2006
Nate Stahl (1st) Nate Stahl (1st) Nate Stahl (2nd)
Steve Kyser (2nd) Ryan Wood (HM) Jake Meisler (HM)
Ryan Wood (2nd) Steve Kyser (HM)  
2005 2004 2003
Jake Beck (1st) Jake Beck (1st) Geron Tate (1st)
David Johnson (HM) Adam Stolly (2nd) Jack Beck (2nd)
David Kalb (HM) Tyler Alexander (HM) Tony Ruberg (HM)
2002 1999 1996
Geron Tate (1st) Tony Joseph (1st) Chad Coconis (1st)
Chick Bihn (HM)    
Tony Ruberg (HM)    
Adam Stolly (HM)    
1991 1989 1988
Scott Baxter (1st) Tom Lanier (1st) Tim Mueller (1st)
    Tom Lanier (1st)
1987 1986 1984
Tim Mueller (1st) Darrin Blackford (1st) Darrin Blackford (1st)
    Eric Morrison (1st)
1983 1981 1980
Joe Glasco (1st) Tom Dunson (1st) Tom Dunson (1st)
1978 1977 1975
Ricky Lee (1st) Napolean Allen (1st) Gene Caslin (1st)
  Ricky Lee (1st)  
1974 1973 1972
Gene Caslin (1st) Mike Stumpf (1st) Mike Stumpf (1st)
  Scott Weakley (1st)  
1971 1965 1964
Mike Stumpf (1st) Dave Veenendaal (1st) Jim DeBerry (1st)
2019 2018 2017
Caleb Cox Brennan Czuchran   Brennan Czuchran
Will Hannah  Caleb Cox Caleb Cox
Austin Schreck  Austin Schreck Austin Schreck
  Nate Boone  
2016 2013 2012
Wes Beam Spencer Niekamp Spencer Niekamp
Brennan Czuchran   Kelly Winter
2011 2010 2009
Scott Robertson Ben McGrath Jake Fanning
Kelly Winter   Ryan Wood
2007 2006 2005
Brian Alge Brian Alge Brian Alge
  Steve Kyser  
  Jake Meisler  
2004 2003 2002
Tyler Schleich Tony Ruberg Tony Ruberg
  Tyler Schleich  
2001 1999 1995
Chris McGuire Brook Cupps Mike Potts
1994 1993 1992
Mike Potts Tim Moore Tim Moore
  Mike Potts  
1991 1990 1989
Scott Baxter Chris Wheeler Tom Lanier
1988 1987 1986
Tim Mueller Tim Mueller Darrin Blackford
Tom Lanier   Shane Vaia
OAC Player of the Week
Year Name Week
2018-19 Joey Weingartner 12/3/2018
  Caleb Cox 1/7/2019
2016-17 Tyrel Jackson 12/19/2016
2015-16 Mark Minch 1/25/2016
  Mark Minch 2/1/2016