Capital Coaches Corner: Getting to Know Wes Lynch

Capital Coaches Corner: Getting to Know Wes Lynch

In helping the Capital Football fanbase get to know the group of men chosen to lead the football program, Capital Athletics will slowly reveal more about the assistant coaches that will patrol the sidelines along with Coach Rogosheske.

Our next introduction comes in the form of one of Rogosheske's tag-alongs from Hamline, Wes Lynch. Coaches have a knack for spotting talent, not just on the field but also on the sidelines. In a short amount of time, Lynch made an impact enough to be granted the chance to return to his natural position group and help lead the Crusaders defense.

WES LYNCH  | Co-Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers

Wes Lynch
Co-Defensive Coordinator/

Generally a soft-spoken guy, Wes Lynch will let it ride when it comes to being on the sidelines. Lynch will serve as co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for the Crusaders, bringing with him a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the position from his playing days at St. Olaf College (Minn.).

Lynch was a two-year starter at outside and inside linebacker for St. Olaf, where he excelled in a 4-3 scheme under Coach Jerry Olszewski. In his senior year, he led the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) in solo tackles with 97 on the season, and was later named all-conference. He graduated in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in exercise science.

Following his graduation in 2011, Lynch packed in a plethora of experience in many areas before joining Capital's staff. He went on the become a graduate assistant coach at Augustana College (S.D.) where he had a hand in recruiting, academic advising, video coordination, and overseeing the Vikings' running backs. In his two years, he coached the fourth running back in school history to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season.

After earning his master's degree in sport administration and leadership from Augustana in 2013, he went on to become the wide receivers coach at Hamline University (Minn.), where he joined forces with Coach Rogosheske. He also engaged in many of Hamline Football's social media and communication practices to pub up the Piper program.

Said Coach Rogosheske of Lynch, "He [Lynch] has a passion for developing players on and off the field and a solid understanding of the game.  He also brings varied experience and perspectives spending time coaching on the offensive side of the ball and being heavily involved with special teams."

And now, a very real (and entertaining) look behind the curtain of Coach Lynch. Remember, he's a Minnesota guy, so you may want to watch a couple of "Marshall-heavy" episodes of How I Met Your Mother before you read on…or go ahead, you'll be alright.

What is your favorite color?

Dark Green (like emerald but darker)

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything out of my ma's kitchen. But I'll limit it to two: tater-tot hotdish or bacon cheeseburger from a restaurant in Minneapolis called Revival

Favorite beverage?

Americano with a tich of half-n-half

Dream car?

Chevrolet Camaro

Favorite football team (pro or collegiate)?

Minnesota Vikings - SkÖL! 

Favorite athlete?

Reggie White and James Laurinaitis

Favorite sport, outside of football?


Favorite sports moment (as fan, coach, or player)?

As a player at St. Olaf College, we defeated the No. 5 ranked team in the country, Bethel University, on the road during their homecoming in 2011. It was an epic comeback, down 18 points heading into the fourth quarter. You'd have thought we won the dadgum Super Bowl!

Favorite book, or last book read?

Last book I read was a book called "The Immortal Nicholas". It's a fictional novel where the stories of Jesus and Santa Clause cross paths. Very cool.

Favorite super hero?

THE INCREDIBLE HULK (HULK SMASH!!!!) The dude can broad jump like 20 miles at a time and he swallows bullets? Good luck, Chuck.

Favorite aspect of coaching football?

Watching guys improve throughout the year and achieve their goals. The most rewarding thing for me so far has been to witness guys coaching each other up the same way I would. That's when you see teams take the next step toward success!

Favorite season/holiday?

Fall/Autumn. The chilly breeze on a Saturday morning, combined with the leaves changing color, and the smell of a tailgate at the football field; that's the best time of year. My favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day with a close second to Groundhog's Day—which may or may not be my day of birth as well.

Coach you look up to or idolize?

My collegiate head coach and coaching mentor is a man named Jerry Olszewski. He is currently the head football coach at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD. Other than my parents, he has had the greatest impact on who I am today, especially in my walk with Christ.

Why you chose to coach at Capital, or favorite part of coaching at Capital?

I chose to coach at Capital for a few reasons. The first is the tradition that Capital has especially when you consider the recent success of making the NCAA playoffs from 2005-07. The second is that I get to live and work in Columbus, Ohio, which may as well be the mecca of collegiate football. Shoot, Ohio in general is just a fantastic football environment. I have to pinch myself sometimes because it's such an outstanding place to live and work. The most important reason is that I get to continue to learn under and coach with Coach Rogosheske. He gave me an opportunity to coach on his staff two years ago and I've loved every minute of it. When he offered a position to me at Capital, it was an easy "yes".

Give us 1 item on your bucket list you want to achieve/complete.

I've always wanted to attend a Super Bowl, but that's something money can buy. I've never been on a conference or national championship winning team. I've been close, but close doesn't count. I would love to be a part of a special season (or several) that end with those outcomes.


If not in his office or on the field, Coach Lynch can always be found on Twitter.  You can follow him at @CoachLynchCU