Cap Baseball Teams Up with Vs. Cancer

Cap Baseball Teams Up with Vs. Cancer

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Capital University baseball team is partnering with Vs. Cancer Foundation this season to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer. The fundraiser will last throughout the season, but the team will celebrate their efforts on Wednesday, March 29, when they take on Wittenberg University.

When asked about Teaming up with Vs. Cancer, Shane Wellman had this to say, "It means a lot. Cancer has affected so many families. You see big leaguers have their cancer nights and how much money they raise. We know that they raise a lot of money for cancer research and we want to raise as much as we can because every amount helps."

In partnership with Vs. Cancer, 50 percent of the money raised will fund national brain tumor research efforts through the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, while the other half will go directly to the pediatric oncology unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital. 

Brant Masters, Director of Team Relations for the Vs. Cancer, played collegiate baseball at Furman University and participated with Vs. Cancer as a fundraiser before coming to work for Vs. Cancer full-time. "It is exciting to see the efforts of the Capital University baseball team making an immediate impact at Nationwide Children's [Hospital]. As college athletes, kids look up to them. They are not only helping local children who are fighting, but are also making a difference for the next child fighting through funding groundbreaking research. With the support of this incredible team, we are going to make a true difference in these children's lives."

Vs. Cancer was founded in 2012 by childhood brain tumor survivor Chase Jones, who was a collegiate baseball player at the University of North Carolina during the time of his diagnosis. The support of his teammates during treatment was his largest source of strength. Vs. Cancer now provides this source of strength to kids across the U.S. by working with college athletic teams. 

Vs. Cancer has worked with hundreds of athletes, teams and communities nationwide to fund the comprehensive spectrum of the pediatric cancer battle, from research initiatives across the country to healing programs within local children's hospitals.

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To this date Capital has raised $305. The fundraiser will last until the end of the season. To donate to the cause, click the following link.

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