Get Ready for Capital’s Top 10 Moments of 2016-17!

Get Ready for Capital’s Top 10 Moments of 2016-17!

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Cap Athletics enjoyed another year of successes of different shapes and sizes dispersed among all 20 of its varsity sport programs. We went back and made a gigantic list of all the fist-pumping, arm-raising, vocal-chord-abusing, neck-hair-raising, and breath-stopping moments from the previous athletic season. Of those, we picked the top 10 moments of the year and gave some love to those we felt were worth mentioning, as well.

Twice per week, our sports information office will announce a top moment from the year that was. Every Monday and Wednesday, we will unveil one of our favorite moments that caused some water cooler talk in the office.

We had so many, that we also will give some love to an 'honorable mention' candidate (in no particular order) for each of our top nine moments. Our top moment gets to enjoy the spotlight solo, and will be announced on Wednesday, July 12.

We will begin with moment number 10 and work our way down until the best of the best remains. Our first top moment will be unveiled on Monday, June 12. All top moments will be displayed on our website (, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so no excuses for missing a moment (especially if you missed it the first time around)!

We'll see you on Monday, June 12 for Moment #10!

Be easy on our two-person panel of evaluators … they did their best!


LINK: Best Moments of 2015-16 (Moment #1 and archives)