Student-Athlete Medical Forms


**EFFECTIVE June 2013 – All Capital University student athletes are required to maintain accurate and updated documents with the athletic training staff at Capital University. All required paperwork is now completed through an online database called SportsWare Online.

**When filling out the forms on SportsWare, please make sure you are filling them out ENTIRELY!

This website is an access point to the Capital University Athletic Training athlete database.  Completion is required as part of your medical eligibility. Failure to submit all the appropriate information will delay your medical clearance for participation.

Instructions for first-time use and establishing a login are found HERE.

A checklist is provided HERE for student-athletes to verify required information.

There are three instances where an athlete may be required to download a form and have their physician complete or provide supporting documentation.

  1. All incoming athletes will have a physical with their respective team(s) prior to any team activities. The physical will be performed by a Capital-approved physician at a time designated by the athletic training staff.
  2. If a student-athlete is under a physician’s care for ADD or ADHD, there is a separate ADD/ADHD Documentation form, required by the NCAA that needs to be printed and completed by the overseeing physician. This form only needs to be provided once during their athletic career. Please have this completed and either mailed or faxed to our office prior to arrival on campus. 
  3. The NCAA is asking all Division III athletes provide proof of sickle cell trait status. Students can print the Capital University Sickle cell trait form and provide it to their physician. This can be mailed to our office prior to arrival on campus. 

All athletes are required to provide a copy of their insurance card (front and back) to the athletic training department during each school year which they are participating. You can scan a copy and upload into SportsWare in the Forms Tab by selecting the Add button or you can e-mail the scanned copy to Matt Smith, Head Athletic Trainer (