Severe Weather Policies

Severe weather policies have been established in order to better prepare the Capital University Department of Athletics staff, student-athletes, game officials and spectators for the appropriate safety procedures involved with severe weather and lightning. These policies have been established primarily to ensure the safety of participants at outdoor practices and competitions. Portions of this policy have been developed based on recommendations from the National Lightning Safety Institute and the NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook. The Severe Weather and Lightning Safety Policy will be monitored and enforced by the Athletic Training Staff and Athletic Administration.

If a severe Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Warning is issued for the Columbus area (or in the absence of a warning – the severe weather siren is activated), all activity (practice and/or competition) will be stopped immediately and all participants, game officials, athletics staff and spectators will be relocated according to the procedures outlined for each venue or to the nearest safest location.

For a full explanation of our athletics specific weather policies, please refer to section 16 of our Athletic Training Policy and Procedures manual.